Netumo is a domain and website uptime monitoring platform to keep a constant lookout for your website, SSL certificates and domains. We all know that you own many domains purchased across the years through various registrars. Netumo gives you a central location where you can keep track of all these domain names.

Together with this Netumo knows that all your domains are pointing to websites which need to be up 24/7. Netumo keeps a constant lookout for such sites with it’s uptime monitoring logic, as well as monitors the SSL certificates for expiry and notifies you by email, SMS, Twitter, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Telegram when something is wrong. Netumo has a powerful web engine that can check all websites as frequently as you set it thus you would be the first to know when something goes wrong.

Netumo does not ask for any websites or registrar credentials. We use publicly available methods such as WHOIS lookups and querying the web servers to detect that your website and domain are still up.

Netumo is free for up to 1 domains an 1 websites. For additional domains check out our plans and find one that suits your needs.

Visit www.netumo.comNetumo

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