27 Sep

A new vulnerability or bug has surfaced and this has been all over the news these past few days. It’s nicknamed shellshock and estimated to be even worst then heartbleed, which surfaced a few months back. The real thing is that this … Read More »

HTTP Status codes

5 Aug

The web works by the HTTP protocol and each resource is fetched using a request. All requests to a server return a specific status code, which indicates if the request was successful or not. Status codes are divided into the … Read More »

Website failure points

4 Aug

All websites fail at some point or another monitoring platforms like Netumo are there so as you are alerted as soon as the incident happens so as to react. An off line website portrays a bad image you your business, none … Read More »

Outstanding Web Hosting

28 Jul

How do you choose a good web hosting provider? Well it’s no easy task, there are thousands of web hosting providers and each have different SLAs, different pricing packages and also are located in different geographies. Various aspects have to … Read More »