How to add a Domain in Netumo

17 Aug

Netumo can manage your domains in one central location and this article will explain what you need to do. First log in to Netumo or create a new free account from From the title bar navigate to Domains…Add New Domain … Read More »

Monitoring websites keeps them alive

9 Aug

Web servers are optimized to serve web pages fast. However there is a cost for this optimization; the truth is that web servers are optimized to serve pages that are requested a lot fast and those that are less requested much … Read More »

HTTP Status codes

5 Aug

The web works by the HTTP protocol and each resource is fetched using a request. All requests to a server return a specific status code, which indicates if the request was successful or not. Status codes are divided into the … Read More »

Website failure points

4 Aug

All websites fail at some point or another monitoring platforms like Netumo are there so as you are alerted as soon as the incident happens so as to react. An off line website portrays a bad image you your business, none … Read More »