Happy SysAdmin day!

25 Jul

Well today taking a light subject… Happy SysAdmin Day! It’s SysAdmin day as system administrators do deserve their day. People tend to give them a hard time and forget their true value hidden in their server rooms full of wires, … Read More »

How DNS works

24 Jul

Everybody uses DNS yet not everybody¬†knows exactly how it works. DNS, short for Domain Name System is a protocol where a website name is translated to it’s machine address, also know as the IP Addresses. Computers ¬†communicate with each other … Read More »


22 Jul

WHOIS is the de-facto standard or protocol for querying domain name information. This can be treated as a directory of domain ownership. Unfortunately not all domains can be accessed with all the ownership information since some TLD (Top Level Domains) … Read More »

Website Monitoring

21 Jul

While domains can expire, the likelihood of that happening are purely up to correct notifications. A lot can argue that if you can keep proper track of your domains you don’t need to monitor your domains. This is true however … Read More »

Domain Tools

20 Jul

If you have numerous domains it become important to keep track of all of them. These domains are normally registered via different registrars and it makes it very complex to handle all of them, since different registrars might be logged … Read More »