New Netumo Console (in BETA)

15 Jun

The day has finally arrived where we publicly release our new Netumo Console in public Beta. Netumo interface has been built from the ground up using the latest technologies powered by Angular to enable easier and smoother use on any … Read More »

CDN another point to worry about?

8 Jun

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and is a vital point to any website, enabling it to scale and meet peak demands. However, CDNs can introduce disadvantages or problems that make your website more complicated. They are the main contact … Read More »

Monitoring tailored for everybody

3 Jun

Exciting times are in the pipeline for Netumo. Today we have released a couple of minor features based on feedback from our customers to help everybody have more customized monitoring experience. Domains monitor – Notify Before Domain renewal notifications can … Read More »

RESTful Monitoring

23 Apr

Netumo has launched a RESTful monitoring service to continue building on its strength in the monitoring of different online services. Current web applications have changed in recent years. In the past, a website was built using traditional code methods where … Read More »