Monitoring Domains in Netumo

Netumo can monitor your domain names registered with any registrar. When any of them are due for renewal, Netumo alerts you using any of the different notification mediums. 

A domain name typically is registered by you with a specific registrar. Netumo works with total independence from your registrar and does not contact it in any way in order to correctly identify the status of the domain. 

To view all your monitored domains click on the Domain menu and select Manage. 

Netumo - Monitoring Domains


    To add a domain under monitoring click on the Domains menu then click Add Domain. 

    In the screen enter the domain name, typically, or 

    (Do not include www since this is not required and not part of the registered domain name.) 

    You can ask Netumo to retrieve the fields automatically by clicking on Retrieve WHOIS Data. This command would query what is publicly available about the domain. If you have hidden the contact information then different data could be provided.  

    It is mandatory to fill in the Registration date and Expiration Date.


    Netumo - Add Domain to MonitorYou can also fill in the Registrar URL, i.e. the registrar under who you registered the domain, the person who registered the domain and registrant email address. Finally in the notes section you can enter any information that you wish, for personal note keeping. 

    Once all this is done click on the Create button to create the domain monitor. 


    To modify a domain monitor you can click on the domain and the Edit domain screen appears. Here you can quickly modify the details. 

    Netumo can automatically modify some details for you such as expiry date when it detects that a domain has been renewed.