Microsoft Teams Integration

Netumo is calling all Teams!

The Netumo developers have been hard at work looking at ways to improve your experience and make sure that you and your team know when any of your sites are down. Microsoft Teams integration has been one of our most requested functionality and its finally here.

You can receive free UNLIMITED notifications on Microsoft Teams with any of our packages including the FREE tier.

It’s important to note that the integration only works with Microsoft organizational accounts such as for Business and for Education. This does not work with personal Microsoft Accounts.

How to Integrate

Follow these easy steps to get it working.

1. Login to your Microsoft Teams account and click on the channel you would like to get notifications on, click on the 3 dots and click on “Get email address”, as seen below

2. Copy the email address shown.

3. Login to your Netumo account and head over to your account management page.

4. Paste the email address into the Microsoft Teams Email as seen in the image below:

5. Click on Update and you are ready to go! Just make sure that you enable Microsoft Teams Notifications for all of your sites.