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Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is another way how you can receive unlimited notifications even when using the free plan. However, the integration will only work with Microsoft Organisational accounts and not for personal Microsoft accounts. To enable Microsoft Teams notifications:

1. Login to your Microsoft Teams account and create or choose a team you would like to get notified on. Access the general conversation of your chosen team and click on the 3 dots next to General, as shown in the screenshot below, and finally, click on ‘Get email address’.

2. When you click on ‘Get email address’ the email of the team channel will be shown, as seen in the screenshot below.  Click on ‘copy’ to copy the email address to your clipboard.

3. Next, log in to Netumo and go to the Manage Account section. Paste the email you have copied to your clipboard to the Microsoft Team Email field as indicated below.

4. Finally, click on ‘Update’ to save your changes and you should be good to go to receive unlimited notifications on Microsoft Teams.