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Link Multiple Users to an Organization in Netumo

Start sharing the Netumo benefits between a whole IT Team today!

Sharing the responsibility of monitoring a group of websites is common practice in IT Teams. Netumo is now allowing you to link multiple team members to a single organization account. This will give administrators the possibility to have multiple users linked to the same account, choosing one of three different roles – Viewer, Admin or Editor.

You can start using our multi-user account by upgrading your free Netumo account

Setting up an organization and start adding users

1.Click Manage > Manage Organization



Netumo - Manage Organization


2.Fill in Organization Details and click Manage Organization members



Netumo - Edit Organization Details


3.Click Invite User to Organization to add members to your organization within Netumo


Netumo - Manage Organization Members


4.Input the user’s email address which you want to add to your organization and click Send Invitation. The user will receive an email with a link to accept your invitation.



Invite Users

5.Choose / Update a role for the user that you have just added for your organization.


Manage Organization Members