Netumo Reports

It is possible to generate reports for website/host monitors to give you a trend over time of the history and uptime of the service. 



Netumo Reports



The Uptime charts shows in a donut the percentage amount that the site was up, the timeouts encountered and any errors encountered. For optimal websites the OK percentage should be 100%. If you have timeout issues check why your website is taking too long to load. Normally timeouts are an indication that your server is over its capacity. If you see No Match values it could mean that at some point your website encountered database issues. 


Response Times 

The response times chart shows the time taken for the server to respond to a request from Netumo. 

Response times are in milliseconds (ms) and the lower the better. Higher response times could be a result of the server being over its capacity, or there was a peak in traffic. Ideally response times should be less than 2000ms on average. 


Status Codes 

Each web request returns a status code with ranges of 200 to be OK while other values indicate other issues. This chart below shows the majority of status codes that can be returned.  

Status Code  Name  Description 
200  OK  Connection is a success and content returned. 
204  No Content  Connection is a success but no content is returned. 
300  Multiple Choices  There are different choices that the client may follow. 
301  Moved Permanently  The URI has been moved to another resource. 
307  Temporary Redirect  Page has been redirected temporarily to another source. 
400  Bad Request  The request cannot be completed due to bad syntax 
401  Unauthorized  You do not have the necessary permission to access the resource. 
403  Forbidden  You do not have the necessary permission to access the resource. 
404  Not Found  Resource has not been found 
405  Method Not Allowed  Such a request for that resource is not allowed 
500  Internal Server Error  Generic error message from the server 
501  Not Implemented  Request method not recognized by the server 
502  Bad Gateway  The server acting as a gateway received an invalid response 
503  Service Unavailable  The server is currently unavailable 
504  Gateway Timeout  The server acting as a gateway received a timeout 
505  HTTP Version Not Supported  The server does not support the HTTP Protocol version. 


Up or Down 

If you want to see which days the server had the most issues you can check this chart. The Up Down per day shows the amount of times the site was down or encountered a timeout. 



In the reports section Netumo offers numerous graphical reports to represent the data in different views so that you can easily spot any trends. However different users have different requirements and certain scenarios might require specific targeted reports which would not be one of the standard reports. 

We have thus made available the raw monitoring data, giving all users flexibility to create their own reports in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software. All monitoring data is exported (and available for download) as a CSV file with the following columns: 

Column Name  Description 
Status  OK / Failed / Timeout 
Date  Date of monitoring 
Time  Time of monitoring 
Time Taken  Time taken for the event to be carried out in milliseconds. (ms) 
Status Code  HTTP Status Code returned.