Slack Integration

Netumo + Slack  = AWESOME!

Netumo keeps watch over your sites and devices so you don’t have to. Get notified immediately when your site goes down on your Slack channel with Netumo. Netumo also monitors domain and ssl certificate expiry.

By integrating Netumo with your Slack workspace, you will get notifications posted into a channel when one of your sites goes down or when one of your domains is about to expire.

You can receive free UNLIMITED notifications on Slack with any of our packages including the FREE tier.

How to Integrate

Integrating Netumo with your Slack workspace is extremely easy

1. Login to your account and head over to your Account Management page

2. Click on the “Add to Slack” button as shown in the image below:

Add Netumo to Slack

3. After you click the “Add to Slack” button, your slack workspace will request permission to allow Netumo to access your workspace, click on “Allow

Allow Netumo Slack Access

4. Once you allow the app on Slack, you will be taken back to Netumo showing a success message.

5. The next and final step is to set the channel where you would like to receive notifications.

You now need to create a new channel inside of slack

NOTE: If you are creating a private channel on Slack, you have to first add the app to the channel: 

6. Once this is done you can enable messages to go to this channel in 2 ways.

The first way that this can be done is from slack itself, all you need to do is going into the channel you would like to have recieve the Netumo notifications and type in /setchannel and it should show you the message “Slack Channel updated successfully on Netumo”

Alternatively, you can go to your account management page and set the Slack Channel there as shown in the image below:

Netumo Slack Channel 3

And….. that’s it! You are good to go, Netumo will now send you notifications about any downtime or expiry straight to your slack channel.

You can start monitoring for FREE and within minutes.