Telegram Integration

Start getting all those important Netumo notifications on Telegram today!

Netumo keeps watch over your sites and devices so you don’t have to. Get notified immediately when your site goes down on Telegram with Netumo. Netumo also monitors domain and ssl certificate expiry.

By integrating Netumo with your Telegram account, you will get instant notifications from the Netumo Bot on Telegram when one of your sites goes down or when one of your domains is about to expire.

You can receive free UNLIMITED notifications on Telegram with any of our packages including the FREE tier.

How to Integrate

In order to link Telegram to your Netumo account, a conversation with @NetumoBot must be started. The below instructions will guide you through the process.

1.Click Manage > Your Account

Netumo - Manage Account

2.Click the “Add to Telegram” button 

Netumo - Add to Telegram

3.Click on the activation link provided. This will prompt you to start a conversation with @NetumoBot

Netumo - Activation Link


4.If using the Telegram Desktop Application, click the “Send Message” button, if using the Telegram Web Client, click the “Open In Web” button.


5.A chat dialogue will appear. Please click the “Start” button

Netumo - Start Conversation


6.You will then receive a message from @NetumoBot stating that your account has been “Activated Successfully”

NetumoBot Activation

7.Your Telegram account should now be linked to Netumo & set up to receive notifications.

Successfully Activated

8.Finally, please ensure that monitors where you would like to receive notifications have “Telegram Notifications” enabled.

Netumo - Telegram Notifications