Monitoring Websites and Hosts in Netumo

Netumo allows you to monitor websites and/or hosts and check that the returned content is correct. This ensures that they are not just responding but all systems are intact. 

To view websites that are monitored under Websites click on Manage.


Netumo - Monitoring Websites and Hosts


In this section you can add a website monitor by clicking on the Add Website or modify any of the existing ones. 



To add a website monitor is very easy. Click on the Add Monitor under Websites to get started. 

The Add Website/Host to monitor screen appears. 

In this screen you are required to enter the details for the monitoring. The most important pieces are: 

A friendly name. This can be any name you give to your website. 

The URL which is the address you use for your website. This can include the protocol such as 

The above are the minimum and you can click on Add Monitor for Netumo to start the monitoring of the website. 


Netumo - Add Website Monitor


Alternative details: 


You can group your websites into different groups for easier management. You can also manage your groups by clicking on Manage Groups from the Websites menu.


You can specify the time that Netumo uses to check the websites/hosts. The default is 15 minutes.

3.Match code or content 

For websites or hosts you can specify if Netumo should check the returned content. This is particularly useful to detect if your site has problems and the returned content is different from what you specify. It is not suggested to enter the whole HTML syntax in this section and only a part of it. The HTML code can be obtained by opening the website in your favorite browser (Edge/Internet Explorer/Chrome/Firefox/Safari) and right click on the page and select View Source

When you click on Add Netumo will verify the website and check that it’s alive and correct. If not you are prompted to verify your settings. 


Website Credentials 

It is possible to enter website credentials for websites which ask for http credentials. Enter the username and password in the section provided. 



In the notifications section you can select which notifications can be enabled for this particular monitor. You can enable email, twitter, SMS, Slack, Telegram and Microsoft Teams notifications. Notifications are only sent once every hour, when a site is down and once again when the site is back up.