Network Tools

Website Speed Tests
Netumo has a powerful website speed test to measure your website performance, by checking the loading speed of HTML pages, CSS files, Image files, Javascript files and other files found within the website. The speed test can compute the speed of the particular website and give a score to the performance by basically simulating a web browser. It is essential for a website not just to be there, but also to load at a very good speed. Typically websites should load less than 10 seconds, and the reported website speed test from Netumo gives a good indication of such speed quality.

Website Source
View the Website sources of any particular page, including HTML source and any other source found within the website. This can be done without loading the website in your browser, thus passing only through the Netumo servers.

Country of IP Address
Netumo can do a translation from IP address to the country thus you are able to identify the location where an IP address is originating from.

WHOIS is the query to obtain information on the ownership of a particular domain. Get WHOIS queries and records directly and easily in Netumo to easily identify owners of domains and also their expiry dates.

NSLookup is the process by which one can check the IP Addresses of a particular domain or host. This is also known as DNS translation where the domain name is translated to the IP Address.

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