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Uptime monitoring

Netumo is a 24×7 uptime monitor to keep track of all
your domains, websites, certificates, APIs, and more…

Downtime and Expired Certificates
result in loss of business.

Having a seamlessly functioning website is important for gaining business. Online presence on its own is a bare minimum.
As soon as there is an issue your teams need to be alerted immediately so that action can be taken to have the website online again.

Be notified on Domain Registration Expiry

With our free package you get up to 1 domains for free, and you can enter the domain name and the registration dates.

SSL Certificate

Certificate Expiry

Never let your SSL certificates expire and go unnoticed again. With Netumo you get advanced warnings so that appropriate action can be taken.

Are your websites/hosts

Easy monitoring of your websites or internet hosts with instant alerts and also public Status Pages for your Customers to view.

HTML / Keyword
Content Verification

The website HTML code is compared to ensure that no errors are found on the website and data is loaded correctly.


We have various reports which can give you key data points on the health of your website or host.


With integrations via Email, SMS, Twitter, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Telegram you can easily be notified when something is wrong and when things are good again.

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Get started with the FREE plan and start monitoring your site within minutes.

  • Website Uptime Monitoring
  • Web Server, Email Server, Router Monitoring
  • Domain Expiration Notifications
  • SSL Certificate checks
  • Protocols supported: HTTP, HTTPS, ICMP Ping, DNS, TCP and RESTful APIs
  • Get notified within 1 minute of your website/host going down
  • Notifications via Email, SMS, Twitter, Telegram, Teams, and Slack
  • Reports for analysis and troubleshooting
  • Email, Phone & Chat Support
  • Team Management


We have various packages tailored for companies and enterprises. Please contact us for any custom requirements with more and even unlimited sites and we will make sure that your needs are fulfilled at the best price.



  • 1 Domain Tracked
  • 1 Website Monitored
  • 1 Status Page
  • Frequency 15 minutes max
  • 0 Organization members
  • (and more…)




  • 20 Domains Tracked
  • 20 Websites Monitored
  • 2 Status Pages
  • Frequency 1 minutes max
  • 2 Organization members
  • (and more…)

Billed Monthly



  • 50 Domains Tracked
  • 50 Websites Monitored
  • 10 Status Pages
  • Frequency 1 minutes max
  • 5 Organization members
  • (and more…)

Billed Monthly



  • 100 Domains Tracked
  • 100 Websites Monitored
  • 20 Status Pages
  • Frequency 1 minutes max
  • 20 Organization members
  • (and more…)

Billed Monthly

Our Customers

Join 5000+ happy Netumo Customers Now

Netumo puts customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities. We do our utmost to ensure that you find out about any downtime as fast and as convenient as possible.

William Millar

Netumo easily allows me to make sure that all of my sites are up and running for a great price!

Craig Glithero

I was able to get monitoring up and running for both my sites and domains in minutes. Its easy to use and reasonably priced.

Sam Jesani

Must buy! If you buy too many domains this is a must-buy to track your domain expiry, SSL, uptime-downtime and more. I wish if they had included SMS notifications. But still a good price.

Rüdiger Erdmann

Simply great! Netumo is a great tool for anyone looking to track their website’s uptime. With Netumo, you can easily see how long your website has been up and if there were any downtime periods. I’m really happy with the way Netumo handles my domains and I am excited to keep using it!

Fernando Ortiz

Netumo has impressed me, I must say. I had been looking for a good Pindom alternative for months and had been either disappointed or unable to find any. Netumo is a fantastic solution! It’s extremely simple to use, has a fantastic interface, and the best part is that it checks your domains, web hosting downtime, and even tracks when your SSL will expire.

Just S.

I have been using Netumo for awhile and it has been a pleasure. The notifications are consistent and the service has been more reliable than other similar services that I was using simultaneously. This is a very simple, clean tool.