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API Monitoring

Get started with the FREE 30 day trial and start monitoring your site within minutes.

API Monitoring or RESTful Monitoring is functionality within Netumo to allow you to monitor APIs directly from within Netumo with 0 coding required.

This types of monitor generate requests and pass them on to your API endpoint to trigger any outages or no match when the content does not match what you expect.

Such functionality can be used to check that your microservices are up and running or that your API for a monolithic application is working correctly.

RESTful services monitorAPI monitoring is similar like website monitoring in Netumo, but offers further configuration like the HTTP verb (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE/OPTIONS etc), content type modification, and the data to send. It also allows to match content from the headers as well as body.

What is different is that Authentication/Authorization is supported via REST Authentication. In REST Authentication authorization calls happen before the actual monitoring call if the token is expired (and if a token is required with a username and password).

Get started with the FREE 30-day trial and start monitoring your site within minutes.