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With Netumo verifications, you can run a series of checks which do not measure uptime, but nonetheless check important elements of your infrastructure. Such checks run at less frequency and are vital to the health of your hosts. All failures are alerted via Email, SMS, Twitter, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Telegram.

Keyword Check

Netumo can check for Keywords using OR and AND syntax to determine which keywords are available on a particular page. This enables you to check for certain events that can occur on your pages, particularly those that come from some automated events.

Advanced Check

For advanced users, Netumo offers the power of creating your own Regular Expression to check the content of a page and match exactly what you are after. This particular check gives the power to the user and creative and complex regex expressions are allowed to match exactly what one is after.

Site Indexability

Having your site up is not enough. Your site has other hidden elements that should be verified and confirmed. One of these is the syntax of the robots.txt file and the ability for bots such as GoogleBot and BingBot to access your website. Netumo can check that your robots.txt, X-Robots-Tag, and Robot Meta tags are valid.

Sitemap Validation

Netumo can also confirm that the sitemap XML file is valid and does not contain obvious errors. Such checks are quite important to make sure that search engines can easily index your website.

FTP Check

Ensure that the FTP sites are all valid and no credentials change. This enhances your security and also ensures that when required credentials are available. Netumo can check all FTP, SFTP, and FTPS servers’ credentials work.

Change Check

Netumo can also check that a section of a particular page does not change. Instead of supplying the whole section, one can supply a small part from the start and also the end part of the section and Netumo will ensure that the content in between those sections is always the same.

Links Check

Netumo can also verify links on a particular page to ensure that there are no dead links or links that result in 404 or other similar error messages.

Get started with the FREE plan and start monitoring your site within minutes.