Status Pages

Build trust with with your with your customers.

With Netumo you can create status pages in minutes without any complex configuration and using your own colors and design. Status Pages can also be integrated with Twitter feeds for more real-time text updates from your teams and you can also use your colors and logo image.

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Creating your custom status page is easy and simple just like all of the other features in Netumo.

Status Pages can be accessed by your customers to view the uptime in full transparency for your sites and online services.

Status Pages come with:

  • Twitter Integration for live updates from your Team on what’s happening.
  • Custom CSS to style the page as you like
  • Logo / Banner at the top
  • Graphs with historical uptime and response times
  • Can include multiple groups
  • Ability to have Maintenance window messages set.

Custom domains such as are also available on the paid plans.

Graphical Reports are also available with up/downtime and response times over a 30 day period.