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Be notified on Domain
Registration Expiry

With our free package you get up to 1 domain for free, and you can enter the domain name and the registration dates. Netumo is able to fetch the domain details and let you know when these are about to expire.

Forget logging into all the different consoles and managing your domains.

Are your websites/hosts

Easy monitoring of your websites or internet hosts with instant alerting Email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, and Twitter when issues arise. This is critical to keep your website running and healthy and measure the website’s performance. Notifications keep you aware and let you take action immediately. Netumo is free to monitor up to 1 website.

Each website is checked at the preset interval you specify. Specifying an adequate frequency gives you a good balance to detect issues immediately and also not create unnecessary load on your webserver. In certain circumstances, Netumo checks every minute to identify if there is an issue or not.

Availability Reports

We have various reports which can give you key data points on the health of your website or host. Reports are useful to show to your clients or your service provider the uptime/downtime of the website.

HTML / Keyword
Content Verification

Netumo confirms that the returned content matches a part of what is expected. When creating a monitor you specify what should be returned from the website and Netumo will confirm that indeed such content has been returned. This offers an added layer of verification such that if the website is up, but loading incorrectly you will be alerted with a No Match status.

Certificate Expiry

Never let your SSL certificates expiry and go unnoticed again. All certificates expire after some time and it’s important to renew and install them on time.

Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL certificates expire after 90 days and rely on automatic renewal scripts to run exactly on time. These can fail and your visitors will get a bad impression of your website. With Netumo you get advanced warnings so that appropriate action can be taken.

Other Features

False positives and timeouts

The Netumo checking engine avoids notifying you in case of false positives and all failures are immediately rechecked, thus ensuring that no false alarms are raised. This is done by making sure that all failures are taken to our second level of tests to ensure that there are no false positives. Netumo has also built-in flood protection ensuring that you are notified correctly.

Log data and Reports

Netumo stores all website monitoring data so that you can easily query and generate reports to understand what your website uptime is. Reports range from simple Up/Down charts to Response time graphs, Status code bar charts and also Day uptime charts. All this gives you a quick view of your website state and what your users encounter.

Netumo Status Pages

Netumo plans offer Status Pages that provide visibility, transparency, and reassurance to your customers about the sites being monitored. Such Status Pages can be fully customized in terms of branding based on your colors, style, theme, and also can be accessed with your own custom domain name.

SEO based Verification and Checks

Netumo has a variety of verification checks to ensure not just your uptime but that your website is SEO healthy. Apart from this tools are available to troubleshoot and test websites status like checking robots.txt, sitemap validation link checker, and more.

Get started with the FREE plan and start monitoring your site within minutes.