Netumo monitors the Cloud

Be notified on Domain Registration Expiry

With our free package you get up to 1 domains for free, and you can enter the domain name and the registration dates. Netumo is able to fetch the domain details and let you know when these are about to expire. Forget logging in to all the different consoles and managing your domains.

Are your websites/hosts available?

Easy monitoring of your websites or internet hosts with instant alerting Email, SMS and Twitter when issues arise. This is critical to keep your website running and healty and measure the website performance. Notifications keep you aware and let you take action immediately. Netumo is free to monitor up to 1 websites.

Each website is checked at the preset interval you specify. Specifying an adequate frequency gives you a good balance to detect issues immediately and also not create unnecessary load on your webserver. In certain circumstances, Netumo checks every minute to identify if there is an issue or not.

Line Chart Report for response time
Pie Chart Report for uptime
Availability Reports

We have various reports which can give you key data points on the health of your website or host. Reports are useful to show to your clients or your service provider the uptime/downtime of the website.

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