4 easy steps for Optimal Website Monitoring

Monitoring your website is vital to keep your business moving ahead but also in keeping your online presence optimal. Sites that give 400 or 500 do not give a view of a stable business. End customers might be hindering to continue their business even at a future date if they see errors during one of their visits.

It is important that when enabling a monitor you enter a part of the expected returned content. This is not the full page as such a page can differ being dynamic but critical parts of it that should be present at all times. Below we will mention 4 simple tips on how to get the best out of your monitoring checks.

  1. Pick a mixture of HTML tags and Text – Do not pick only text what is rendered in the browser window. Click on View source and copy parts of the HTML code together with the text part displayed you want to match.
  2. Pick the text that is always present on the page – To avoid false positives you must pick parts that are always displayed on the page. For example, if you have a shop and the top items depend on different campaigns you are running.
  3. Pick dynamic text coming from the database – It is important to create monitors that go deep into the functionality of your site. Matching text coming from the database ensures that you are confirming that the database is up and running.
  4. Use multiple monitors (even for the same site) – There is no harm in having multiple monitors for the same site. It can give you both peace of mind that the site is up as well as testing even further combinations from your website.

So if you don’t have a Netumo account please sign up for one today for Free and enjoy easy monitoring for your website.

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