How to add a Domain in Netumo

Netumo can manage your domains in one central location and this article will explain what you need to do. First log in to Netumo or create a new free account from From the title bar navigate to DomainsAdd New Domain   In the page that appears enter the domain name including any .com but excluding the www. Eg
Netumo Add Domain
Add a domain to the Netumo console
You can then click on the Retrieve WHOIS Data and Netumo will try to retrieve the information it can find and obtain on the domain. You can manually alter data in these fields. Netumo contacts public WHOIS servers and checks the information on the status on the domain. Unfortunately some registrars tend to hide certain information. If you want to scribble some notes on the domain you can add them in the Notes section. If you manage domains for different companies here is the place to enter the company name! Hit Create and your Domain has been added to Netumo. That’s it, when the domain is due for expiry Netumo will let you know.    
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