Advanced Reports

One of the hottest released features in Netumo is table reports. Table reports lists the monitoring data in table format, giving you detail on each and every monitoring event. It’s also possible to export to a CSV file thus you can be creative with the data and model it using spreadsheet software in any way you want.
Reports Data
Reports Data
In the reports section Netumo offers numerous graphical reports to represent the data in different views so that you can easily spot any trends. However different users have different requirements and certain scenarios might require specific targeted reports which would not be one of the standard reports. We have thus made available the raw monitoring data, giving all users flexibility to create their own reports in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software. All monitoring data is exported (and available for download) as a CSV file with the following columns:
Column Name Description
Status OK / Failed / Timeout
Date Date of monitoring
Time Time of monitoring
Time Taken Time taken for the event to be carried out in milliseconds. (ms)
Status Code HTTP Status Code returned.
  Netumo lets you be creative, and manipulate the data to be able to generate any kind of chart or report you wish. So give it a go, Netumo is free for up to 5 websites and 5 domains.
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