CDN another point to worry about?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and is a vital point to any website, enabling it to scale and meet peak demands. However, CDNs can introduce disadvantages or problems that make your website more complicated. They are the main contact point for your website. An issue with the CDN provider and your website can be rendered offline although it is not the case.

Today June 8th, 2021 one of the top CDN providers Fastly had a massive outage. Sites such as Reddit, Spotify, and others were affected as they all use Fastly’s CDN to distribute content. The news was reported on a lot of news sites such as CNN, Techcrunch, The Guardian amongst others reported this massive outage.

This even shows how complicated monitoring has become. It’s not enough to monitor just your server but you need to monitor all important providers that are rendering a service to your site. The CDN is definitely one of the most important.

Get Netumo free account today to see how easy it is to set up and monitor your first website. If using Cloudflare, Fastly, CDN77 or any other CDN provider as a minimum you should monitor the main URL your users would use. This will cover a good percentage of outages, however for more complex sites we then suggest doing other monitors including ones to specific pages on your website.

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