Certificate Monitoring

A Certificate is a digital file that binds a cryptographic key to a particular domain. All HTTPS website have a certificate that is used to encrypt the traffic between a web server and a browser. This ensures that data flowing between the server and the browser is confidential, safe and free from tampering.

Certificates have an expiry date and it is important that certificates are renewed on time. Purchased certificates expire every 1 or 2 years but there are also certificates like Let’s Encrypt ones.

Let’s Encrypt certificates are great as they are free, however they do require to be renewed much more frequently (every 90 days). Jobs that renew such certificates can fail and so the website could end up being inaccessible or giving SSL errors.

This is why it is very important that certificates are monitored. Netumo has a powerful automatic certificate monitoring job that keeps track of all your certificates. All HTTPS websites would automatically have SSL Certificates monitoring activated..

You can view the list of all the monitoring certificates from the Websites/Hosts … View SSL Certificates. Here it is easy to see the status of each certificate and when it expires.

Netumo automatically sends notifications via Email, SMS, Twitter, Slack and Microsoft Teams when it detects that a certificate is about to expire. This ensures that you know when something is wrong, and can immediately take remediation action ensuring your website is safe and healthy.

Sign up for a free account on Netumo today and start monitoring your website.

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