DNS, TCP and ICMP monitoring

Netumo introduces 3 new monitoring protocols (DNS, TCP and ICMP) as of today to help you get more control over your monitoring requirements. Start benefiting from these additional protocols immediately.


With DNS you can check if the DNS resolution is failing or it starts to resolve to another host (indicating a takeover or DNS poisoning). By DNS monitoring you can double check what IP address is being returned for your domains.


Want to monitor your custom application of a particular server? Then TCP monitoring offers you this possibility. With this feature you can monitor any custom application including FTP servers, SMTP servers, POP3 servers and more.


ICMP ping is the best way to monitor any host on the Internet. A ping is a simple packet sent to another host, which gets returned to indicate correct delivery. If the remote host does respond then there could potentially be an issue in the server connectivity. Apart from these Netumo offers website (http and https) monitoring as well as Domain monitoring. So head down to Netumo and start monitoring today.
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