Did you ever forget to renew your domain?

Did you ever forget to renew your domain?
Domains and websites are essential for some business yet forgetting to renew domain happens quite often. Although most registrars have functionality to auto renew domain names and also send you emails 90 days prior expiration many people and businesses lose track and forget to renew the domain. Sometimes renewal reminds end up as Spam or credit cards get blocked, resulting in your domain not getting renewed.Expired Domains If this happens the most important question you would ask is if you can get the domain back. There is no simple answer to this one. The likelihood that you get the domain back is equivalent to how immediate the action you take to renew the domain, however having your website/email down can be disastrous to your businesses. The following section describes the different scenarios an expired domain could be in. PS. Days in the following section are estimates and different registrars have different rules, so it is always good to check with them first.

Scenario 1: Domain expired in less than 20 days

The answer in this case is mostly likely yes, although some extreme exceptions for country specific extension domains could exist. You would notice this in case people start complaining that your website is not loading and your emails are not being delivered.

Scenario 2: Domain expired between 20-40 days ago

Getting the domain back should be possible however an extra charge applies. This still does not apply to all registrars.

Scenario 3: Domain expired more than 40 days

The answer in this case is  maybe. It all depends how much in demand the domain is. During this period which is called the redemption grace period, the domain could be sold in an auction. If this happens then it would be under new ownership, making it much more complex for you to get it back.

Scenario 4: Domain expired by more than 75 days

On the 76th day the domain is made available to the general public, so you cannot guarantee what will happen. Obviously it all depends how much in demand the domain is. If domains had backorders placed on it, it will be immediately be snatched by one of the backordering companies, thus unavailable for you to get it back.  

Getting the domain back from the new owner

This all depends if the new owner is willing to sell you back the domain to you. But obviously don’t expect to get it at a cheap price. There are various market places to use for the domain exchange, like sedo.com. We do suggest you to use such a platforms inorder to rest your mind and have a reliable and legitimate transaction.  

Netumo is there to help you out

With Netumo none of the above will happen, as Netumo monitors all your domains and makes sure that you renew before due time.
Monitor Domains
Netumo – Monitor Domains
Netumo sends you email and SMS notifications to make sure that you are fully aware of your domain expiry, and you can have a quick view by looking at the Netumo domain dashboard. Having all of your domains entered into one system ensures that you are more aware what domains you have and when they are due.   So give Netumo a try, it’s totally free for up to 5 domains.    
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