Monitoring Laravel API

Netumo is a powerful website monitoring platform that can be vital in monitoring your Laravel API.

Laravel is a PHP web application framework built for web artisans which is very powerful and versatile making it perfect for creating API endpoints. API endpoints can have multiple failure points and to check that all your endpoints are working it is vital to have monitoring set up so as these can be monitored.

Netumo is an excellent tool for this task, and in this article, we will explore how you can use Netumo to monitor your Laravel API.

Once you log into Netumo head to the RESTful API section where you can set up monitors for your API written with Laravel API endpoint monitors are similar to web monitors but they have some additional criteria making them more powerful and enabling you to tweak more and check more the settings.

Enter the URL, HTTP Verb, Content-Type, and body in case of a POST request. In case of an API endpoint that is behind authentication, you can add such authentication in the Header field (Authorization: <value>) or if the authentication token expires, you can set the username and password, and Netumo will obtain the Authentication token automatically.

Once you have set up your RESTful monitor, Netumo will start monitoring your Laravel API endpoint. Netumo will perform checks at your preset intervals to ensure that your API is running smoothly and responding appropriately to the requests. If Netumo detects any issues with your API endpoints, such as a mismatch in the Headers, Status Code, or Response Body, Netumo will alert you immediately via email, SMS, Twitter, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Telegram, and even a webhook.

An essential metric that you need to monitor when running a Laravel API is the response times. Slow response times can indicate performance issues with your API, which can lead to user dissatisfaction. Netumo allows you to track response times for your Laravel API endpoint and provide you with detailed reports that highlight any performance issues.

All APIs have to be protected and accessed via HTTPS. In this case, monitoring the SSL Certificate is important. Netumo also automatically monitors the SSL certificates of your Laravel API endpoint and alerts you using the same mediums if the certificate is about to expire and would not have been renewed in advance.

All of the above make sure that you have higher availability as when an outage is detected your teams would be immediately notified and can make sure that your recovery times are shorter than if an outage had to be reported by somebody else.

Get started with a free trial of Netumo and you get to monitor your API endpoint in minutes without any complex scripting.

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