Netumo Product Update

Welcome to the first blog in this series where we bring to you updates on the Netumo platform future. Netumo’s vision is to become the top SaaS monitoring platform that takes away the complexities of monitoring and makes it simple and reliable.

We are currently investing a lot in Netumo to make it better, and some great things are coming soon. Our roadmap is jam-packed and below we will reveal some of the imminent updates.

REST Monitoring

Netumo’s customers are not just IT administrators or business owners but also DevOps. We understand the need you do not just require to monitor normal websites but also RESTful APIs. Thus we are implementing a new set of monitors that can monitor RESTful services. Such monitors are planned to be easy to set up, reliable for proper notification, and customizable to ensure they work with any time of RESTful service.

New revamped web console

Our team is working on a new revamped web console (User Interface) which is built using the latest technologies. We are not just focusing on desktop but also want to give a great experience on mobile. We understand that IT administrators and DevOps have a life outside the office and are not always stuck on a PC watching what systems are up or down. This is why we plan to have Netumo work just as well on a mobile phone.

The new web interface is being built using Angular 11 and we expect it to be released in Q2 2021. We will surely require your feedback to help optimize the experience better, so please fill in the form below to join our Beta program which we will launch in the coming weeks. Space for the beta is limited so sign up now to avoid disappointment.

Stay tuned to find out more what exciting monitoring updates we have for Netumo and if you don’t have an account yet please sign up it’s free.

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