Netumo running on Microsoft Azure


Why did we choose Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure Windows Azure is Microsoft’s future. We wanted Netumo to be built upon the best cloud platform available, one that is:
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Performance
The Netumo platform for cloud monitoring can place heavy demands on infrastructure, particularly when processing thousands of website checks. The platform relies on a powerful network which needs to be of high standard in order to provide reliable monitoring.. With Azure, Microsoft claim a real leadership position in this space. Azure also means that we can scale up very fast and meet up with the demands and the loads experienced by the system itself. We also plan to add further services in the near future. This means we wanted a platform that can grow not just horizontally but also vertically. These are all features that the Azure platform can provide. Security is always one of the topmost concerns. Building upon Microsoft technologies and utilizing the Azure platform gives us the peace of mind that we have built a solid system which protects our customers from any breaches. It’s an incredibly exciting industry to be a part of right now. Our vision has always been to build solutions for our customers that enable them to achieve growth and enjoy the same success that we do. We plan to keep going ahead in our voyage with Microsoft Azure and continuing to grow Netumo to be one of the best website and domain monitoring platform.  
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