The Importance of Netumo Verifications for Marketing Teams

The Importance of Netumo Verifications for Marketing Teams

In the digital age, the health and performance of your online infrastructure can make or break your marketing efforts. This is where Netumo verifications come into play. They offer a series of checks that, while not measuring uptime, check vital elements of your infrastructure. These checks are crucial to the health of your hosts and any failures are promptly alerted via various channels such as Email, SMS, Twitter, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco Webex, and Telegram.

Keyword Check
Netumo’s keyword check feature allows you to monitor specific keywords on a particular page. This is especially useful for tracking certain events that may occur on your pages, particularly those that come from automated events. For marketing teams, this means being able to monitor brand mentions, product names, or specific marketing campaign keywords, providing valuable insights into your online presence.

Advanced Check
For those who require a more tailored approach, Netumo offers the power of creating your own Regular Expression to check the content of a page. This feature gives the user the ability to create complex regex expressions to match exactly what they are after. This can be particularly useful for marketing teams looking to track specific patterns or trends on their webpages.

Site Indexability
Having your site up is not enough. It’s also important that your site is easily discoverable by search engines. Netumo verifies the syntax of your robots.txt file and checks the ability for bots such as GoogleBot and BingBot to access your website. This ensures that your site is properly indexed and easily discoverable, a crucial factor in any successful digital marketing strategy.

Sitemap Validation
Netumo also validates your sitemap XML file, ensuring it does not contain obvious errors. This is important as a valid sitemap allows search engines to easily index your website, improving your site’s visibility and search engine ranking.

FTP Check
Netumo’s FTP check ensures that your FTP sites are valid and that no credentials have changed. This not only enhances your security but also ensures that when required, credentials are available. This is particularly important for marketing teams who regularly update website content and need to ensure that their access to the site remains uninterrupted.

Change Check
Netumo can also monitor a section of a particular page to ensure that the content does not change. This is useful for marketing teams who want to ensure that key information or marketing messages on their website remain consistent.

Links Check
Broken links can harm your site’s user experience and SEO. Netumo verifies links on a particular page to ensure that there are no dead links or links that result in 404 or other similar error messages. This helps maintain the integrity of your site and ensures a positive user experience, a key factor in successful digital marketing.

Netumo verifications offer a comprehensive suite of checks that are vital for maintaining the health and performance of your online infrastructure. For marketing teams, these checks provide valuable insights, enhance security, and ensure a positive user experience, all of which are crucial for a successful digital marketing strategy. Get a free Netumo trial from

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