Website Monitoring

While domains can expire, the likelihood of that happening are purely up to correct notifications. A lot can argue that if you can keep proper track of your domains you don’t need to monitor your domains. This is true however Netumo is not there just for watching over your domains. Netumo wants that your online business is not effected in any way and this means that you require to have the best web presence online without any downtime. Thus Netumo also watches you website to ensure that it’s up and running 24/7. Netumo pings domains and websites thus alerting you if something is wrong. The Netumo website engine check monitors all subscribed website to ensure that they are running without interruption. Testing that a website is constantly up is no easy task. There are various failures that can occur; Netumo checks for timeouts in case the web server powering your website is under load, and also checks for any connectivity issues. If a good connection is established Netumo then checks that the returned content matches what you have specified. This is particularly important in case the website is rerouted to a 404 page or a database error page. Netumo suggests that checks are for really important and uniquely parts of your website such as the product name of a particular product or its price. This ensures that the page layout not only loads but also will test connections to your database.   Check out Netumo today for a free account
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Is the tool really free or it is just a trial? what else can the software do and what are the main differences from such tools as Anturis or Pingdom?

Yes Netumo is free for 5 websites and 5 domains.

Apart from website monitoring we also offer domain monitoring and a central console for all the domains that you would purchase through the different registrars.

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