Who watches your sites while on vacation?

A website plays a very important part in a company’s success. A clean and informative website can convince clients to choose the company instead of other competitors. Just by looking at the user interface of the website, a client can form his or her impression. Apart from the interface, the reliability of the website is of utmost importance to limit any faults in the functionality of the website.

The Cost of website downtime

Downtime to a website can result in losses for the company and discontent from clients. If not tackled in time, the company may suffer significant losses. On a bigger scale, larger companies would be impacted the most by any website downtime. For instance, Amazon had issues with their website back in 2013 for just 30 minutes and the losses they suffered were remarkable. According to Forbes, Amazon lost $66,240 (€56008.90) per minute for a whole 30 minutes. Over 30 minutes, this would amount to $1,987,200 (€1,680,267).

Solution: Netumo Uptime Monitoring.

Obviously, it is impossible to work 24 hours a day and there will be times when the site is not being monitored by an admin. What happens if the website malfunctions when the IT Administrator is on vacation or when he is on leave? Who is going to watch over your website while you are gone? Using Netumo, the company is given the guarantee of being informed when its website is down. Netumo is a website monitoring application that constantly checks whether a website is down or not. If the website has an issue, Netumo will instantly send a notification to the client informing him/her about the issue. This will save the company potentially hours of website downtime which would frustrate clients and possibly force them to choose another competitor.

Netumo: The best free Website Monitoring tool.

Check out all our plans including a free plan in which anyone can monitor one website for free using most of the Netumo features. Some of these features include SSL Certificate checking, unlimited notifications, and reports which have all the data you need to analyze the performance of your website. For all users of Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, or Twitter, these applications can be easily integrated with Netumo to receive notifications for website downtime. Given the relatively affordable prices of Netumo’s paid plans, one should consider upgrading to one of them to enjoy a better experience with more features and the ability to monitor more than a single website.

Summing it all up

Website downtime can be critical for a company and the longer it takes to spot the issue, money, and customers are lost in the meantime. As a result, website monitoring is essential for any company. If you are an IT Admin or in charge of the company’s website, you should not worry about monitoring your website. By using Netumo, your work will be made easier and any issues in a site are spotted immediately and the people concerned with the website will be notified immediately.

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