3 security weaknesses amount to 75% of hacks

Making sure that your site is safe and secure is important to avoid branding reputation damage. Sometimes a lot of security weaknesses are the result of common mistakes.

Keep systems up to date, this includes OS (for dedicated infrastructure) and also platform updates and its plugins (eg update WordPress and WordPress plugins)

Use complex passwords (12+ characters) with a combination of numbers, capital letters, and also special characters, and avoid at all costs using the same password on different systems.

Protect your site with a web application firewall (WAF), to ensure that you only allow the right content to traffic through.

Finally, ensure that proper monitoring is set up on your website. This ensures that if anything happens you get immediately notified. Outages are not just when your site is down because of technical issues, but also when malicious things happen or websites get routed to malicious URLs.

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