How to achieve 100% uptime

Making sure that all your infrastructure is always up is no easy task. Having 100% uptime is in some cases impossible as you always rely on a lot of different factors such as your provider and the technical stack that you rely on. Also, all systems require some maintenance at some point, however, uptime is typically measured excluding maintenance periods, thus achieving 100% uptime means avoiding unplanned outages.

Following the points below can help you achieve 100% uptime.

Keep systems up to date, this includes OS (for dedicated infrastructure) and also platform updates and its plugins (eg update WordPress and all WordPress plugins)

For dedicated instances ensure that the server load is less than 80% on peak hours. This will ensure that you won’t have surprises during crucial times of the day.

Plan and provision correctly for any spikes in usage. If your services are seasonal eg a flower shop, make sure that you have spare capacity for Valentine’s day.

Keep proper backups in place.

Test test and test a recovery process. This ensures that you are prepared and have everything in place for recovery.

Finally, make sure that your monitoring is set up correctly. This will ensure that you are properly notified of upcoming issues or outages so that you can rectify them with the least impact possible.

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