Automatic renewal of hosting and domains

With every subscription automatic renewal is the norm; you purchase a domain name or you purchase a hosting package and set your account with the provider to an auto renewal subscription per year. Netumo asks this very good question:

Is it really safe and suggested to do so?

The simple answer is YES definitely! Nobody wants to keep on paying for their domain/hosting over and over again.  However don’t just reassure your mind that it will be automatically renewed as this depends on various aspects.
  • Expired cards – Cards tend to expire every 2 years hence it is always good to keep note of where you enter your cards and make sure that you update them which can be a hassle for the numerous subscriptions.
  • Credit Cards with insufficient funds. If for some reason the transaction does not go through you have problems.
Tie to this the fact that sometimes email ends up in the Spam folder. So a word of advise add emails from your hosting provider and registrars to the safe senders list. For the rest out there that do not wish to set payments to auto renew, well they have a valid point as well. If you want to be in control of your expenditure and review before then you just need to make sure that you are advised correctly beforehand.

These words of advice:

If possible when purchasing purchase for multi year deals. They tend to be cheaper and also put the payment times in a less frequent periods. Put calender reminders when the date is due for renewal of such important payments. Create a Netumo account so that you are reminded whenever your domain expires or your website is down.      
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