Monitoring the Internet of Things IoT

10 years ago it sounded too futuristic that a light bulb would be connected to the Internet and have it’s own IP address. For the non geeks this could still sound a thing of the future but well it fact and is part of the so called the Internet of Things (IoT).iot_gadgets The Internet of Things basically means that everything is connected with all the advantages and disadvantages this brings. The ability to control and keep watch over your home from anywhere, the ability to live more comfortably are all very good examples of the advantages this technology brings. As to the disadvantages one must remember that it’s growing more complex to secure, monitor and maintain the network. With the Internet growing and reaching our devices the amount of failure points grows and troubleshooting such issues will get more and more complex without the right tools.


The Internet of things has a vast wide of uses, like for example motion sensors used to detect if an intruder is in the house and when this happens it rings the alarm, gives you a call and notifies the local authorities. Or for example a wearable (smart watch) which monitors the heartbeat. As soon as it detects even the slightest of problems it calls the ambulance or the doctor. But what if any of these devices fail? Critical services like these should not be taken lightly.

Monitoring the Monitor

The Internet of Things brings a new era of monitoring into place where you don’t just need to monitor your routers, websites (the traditional so called IT services) and other IT services such as SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. With the Internet of Things monitoring needs to be done on this vast amount of connected devices is pretty much infinite. iot_gadgets_mThis also brings in questions how alerting needs to be done in such scenarios, do you really want to get an SMS alert, tweet or email if a light bulb fails? But what about if the garage door is unaccessible? It might be simple one thinks and different alerting levels are required for the monitoring of these so called “things”. All this could make it a bit complicated. If any device is to fail normally it does on the exact day your really need it! The IoT brings new challenges here at the team of Netumo. We are constantly looking at ways to make monitoring easier and better. Monitoring is growing and will always be one of the crucial services any IT network requires both business and even home. For more information on Netumo and sign up for a free account click here.
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