Netumo Web Tools

Netumo offers you a variety of web tools to help you analyze web content and understand better your website. This post explains these tools in a bit of more detail and give you some insight on them.

Page Source

The page source is a utility to view the HTML source of a website. It’s fetches the HTML just like a web browser would do and displays it in colored syntax so that it’s easier for you to identify.
Website HTML Code
Website HTML Code

Country of IP Address

Enter any IP address in the box and Netumo will tell you the country of origin of that particular address. Netumo manages to locate the country of origin of any website both IPv4 and IPv6.


Netumo can fetch the WHOIS record for all publicly known WHOIS servers giving you a bit more insight on the owner of the domain name.


Translate any domain name to it’s equivalent IP Addresses

Website Speed Test

It is important that you understand the speed your website takes to load. This utility measures the time the website takes to load for a new visitor including the time it takes for the web browser to download any resources.
Netumo Website speed test
Website Speed Test
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