I did not know my site was this slow

Website response is on of the most crucial factors for a best experience. Sometimes it’s even more crucial than design. Slow websites tend to cause users to close the browser and move on to the next result. This could mean great problems for your business. Website speed test Most websites tend to utilize share hosting and thus are not the sole entity consuming server resources. Hence performance can be a factor based on the load other sites are producing. It is not that straight forward to know which other websites are sharing your same address and server hence it might be more complex to determine the performance of you site other than to monitor your website 24/7. This would ensure that you can then plot the results on a day basis and get the result back. Netumo’s monitoring helps you understand the response time of your website. The powerful reporting facilities  enable users to correctly identify the case and understand how they can mitigate the issue. Normally there is not much that can be done if the culprit is another website other than contacting the hosting provider and asking to move to a different host.
Response Graph
Response Graph (Day vs Time Taken ms)

Ways to speed your website

  • Include images of the exact size – Do not reduce image size through html or css.
  • Compress correctly images – Jpg and PNG formats allow you to compress images to factors. Select one which is not visibly noticeable yet is the most efficient in terms of size.
  • Use correct file formats for images (png for graphics, jpg for photographs/images)
  • Be careful of the fonts you embed in a website. Google fonts clearly shows the page load time depending on the font styles you select.
  • Only embed the necessary fonts
  • Compress javascript files and css files with a process called Minify. This removes unnecessary text from these files yet does not reduce functionality.

Testing your website speed

Netumo also offers a simple tool to test your webpage speed. This test will simulate a web browser and download the page content in it’s entirety. Try it out now it’s totally free and all you need to do is enter your website address: https://www.netumo.com/tools/websitespeedtest  
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