Cloud infrastructure demands 24/7 monitoring

Companies and organizations are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud. The cloud is not going anywhere and the adoption of this new technology is growing fast. It makes sense to use the cloud due to the requirements of businesses nowadays as well as the on growing requirements of IT. There is no such thing as investing in hardware. Hardware has a lifespan of 3-4 years when it’s then obsolete. This is different from typical machinery used in any industry which can last for years, sometimes even generations.24/7 With the cloud, organizations can lease the necessary infrastructure that they require and increase and shrink it as they go along. However the cloud does bring in new challenges. Being controlled by 3rd party engineers this means that organizations could potentially be loosing the control over what happens and how issues are tacked. Every organization needs to ensure that their systems are always up and running correctly. You need to personally know of any issues that could be happening so that you can take action. By utilizing independent monitoring for your cloud infrastructure you ensure that somebody is watching over your servers uptime and you don’t rely on your provider. Having proof of your uptime is important since uptime results in continuation of your service. Such data can also be used to identify trends in your buisness. A drop in business could simply be because your website was down or the performance was low. If you have a slow website people would simply exit immediately. Such information would not be available in most analytic providers like Google Analytics and users dropping from your site would remain unknown. With monitoring you get real timeout checks and also response times that can be actually plotted down for exact figures. Don’t be fooled because your wesbite loads fast each time on your PC. Web browsers do tend to cache a lot of data, particularly image and files hence you would not immediately notice a decrease in performance. New visitors which mean potentially new business would not have any data cached and all the pages would be downloaded from scratch. Internet monitoring platforms like Netumo make sure that they download all the information from scratch ensuring that the web server is performing correctly. Netumo would also notify you as soon as there is downtime also making sure that it’s no false positive by checking twice in case of failures. Give Netumo a go by signing up for a free account which can monitor up to 5 websites and domains.      
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