Healthy WordPress

WordPress is one if not the top most popular CMS and website platforms that exist. It’s so popular since it’s quite powerful and has a huge ecosystem that enables easy management and powerful customization.

One of the great features of WordPress is the minimum integrations that it requires with the server hosting the platform, and it only requires PHP runtime and the MySQL Database. This enables easier installation and management, but also has drawbacks as then it relies on itself to provide other services.

One of the main services that WordPress has built-in is the CRON system called WP-CRON. CRON is an important element in any system as it allows scheduled tasks to run at specific intervals. Such tasks are very important and are used to perform routine maintenance, check for updates and run updates, database cleanups, and much more.

The caveat about the WP-CRON is that it requires users to visit the website for them to execute. This can be ok for most websites but can also cause problems for some sites, either who are heavily visited or else those with a lack of visitors. In the particular case of lack of visitors what can happen is that a site can end up without running the WP-CRON jobs for a number of hours/days till its returning visitor comes by. This can affect the security and health status of the WordPress site.

This is why a monitoring solution like Netumo can help. Netumo will visit your website at regular intervals making sure that the website is healthy. This will also run the WP-CRON system and subsequently all the CRON jobs such that your site is always updated, and runs perfectly.

Give Netumo a try today. Sign up for a free trial with no obligations on and see how easy it is to start monitoring your website. No changes are required to your site and you can get it running in minutes.

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