Monitoring Weebly

Weebly is a web hosting service company offering the service to create websites customised to the client’s needs. A client can create his/her website free of charge, however, if the client seeks more advanced features for the website, there are paid plans which offer more functionality than the client might be looking for. For example, the basic free plan offers 500MB storage whilst the paid plans offer unlimited storage. Some paid plans offer a shopping cart and payment methods for e-commerce websites. Weebly paid plans also boost the marketing of the website by Search Engine Optimisation and Advance Site Stats. 

Why Monitor Weebly?

Regardless of the fact that Weebly is a good web development tool, it is still of utmost importance that Weebly is monitored. Monitoring is important to prevent the website from experiencing downtime. Especially in the case of a business website, downtime is the worst issue a business can face. This would undoubtedly lead to customer frustration leading to loss of customers which would then result in fewer transactions ultimately resulting in financial losses to the business company. Downtime can happen for an infinite number of reasons however, the most common sources of downtime include excessive traffic to the website, database and backup failures, and SSL Certificates expiring. To reduce such negative effects of downtime, any downtime must be caught and reported to the website owner or IT Admin so that they can immediately work to fix the problem causing the downtime. 

The solution to website downtime.

Netumo specialises in tracing downtime and it is the perfect tool to detect and to report website downtime to clients. If any downtime is noticed, Netumo will send a notification to the client using any of the notification integrations available which are: Email, Twitter, Slack, Telegram and Microsoft Teams. Netumo has very affordable prices compared to other competitors and offers a free plan to monitor just 1 website, which is not offered by the majority of other competing uptime monitoring software. Therefore, a client gets very good value for money when upgrading to a paid plan. Netumo is very easy to set up, the client should just create a new Netumo account and he/she can immediately start adding monitors. The new and updated user interface improves the user experience and guarantees better usability. After creating the monitor, the client can generate a variety of reports on the website being monitored, to analyze its performance and to get an idea of how and where to improve it. 

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The website is the backbone of any company. If the website looks good, works fine, and is responsive, any prospective clients will have a very good impression of the company and will choose that company resulting in more clients. On the other hand, any website downtime will harm the reputation of the company leading to fewer customers. Therefore, any website downtime that occurs must be tracked down immediately and solved. It would be very humiliating if a client reports the problem before the company identifies it. Netumo is the perfect addition to the company’s tools. It will track any website downtime and report it just by sending a notification. 

Create your free Netumo trial account today to start monitoring your websites at once.

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