Monitoring Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce company originating from Canada which was founded in 2006. This e-commerce platform allows clients to set up an online store and retail point-of-sale systems so that customers can purchase the client’s products online. This company has been very successful over the years and it now supplies companies such as Fashion Nova, Gymshark, Decathlon, and many more. 

How does Shopify work?

Shopify offers various tools that will help the client set up a suitable online store. To make sure that the online store looks appealing to the customers, Shopify offers ready-made and customisable templates which the client could make use of to build their online store upon these templates. Shopify also offers SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and other marketing tools which are very useful for any store, so that more people get to know of the client’s company. As Brian Halligan, CEO and Co-Founder of HubSpot, said, “It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!”. Finally, Shopify offers other useful tools such as a reliable checkout and integrated payment processing. 

Why bother monitoring Shopify?

Obviously, regardless of how successful the company is, there could still be some issues that can ultimately hamper the running of the online store. If the online store is down, the company owning the online store would lose all the purchases that would have been made by customers at the time the store was down. Such issues, which could cause downtime to the Shopify online stores, include failures to third-party apps or problems resulting from excessive traffic to the website. Whatever the issue is, any Shopify user should not worry about constantly checking for these issues. Thanks to Netumo, anyone can set up a monitor on the Shopify online store and if there is ever any downtime, the people concerned would be notified immediately thus diminishing the cost of downtime. 

What can Netumo offer?

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Netumo is an uptime monitoring tool that can guarantee that whenever a website is down, the client will receive a notification either by email, Twitter, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Telegram. In addition to uptime monitoring, Netumo also offers features such as SSL Certificate checking which prevents the SSL Certificate from expiring without the website owner knowing of it. Reports generated by Netumo can also give the client an indication of how well the online store is doing by analysing data given in reports such as Response Time given as a graph. It is very simple to create a monitor for an online store. The user should click on ‘Add Monitor Simple’ or ‘Add Monitor Advanced’ depending on how many features the user wants the monitor to have. 

In Conclusion

Shopify is a very popular product used by clients who want to expand their store to sell online and thus satisfy the needs of customers in a more convenient fashion. To make sure that the Shopify online store is working appropriately, Netumo can help with the monitoring of this online store. If any downtime is noticed, the client will be informed immediately. Any downtime can lead to significant losses for the company due to a lack of sales while the store is down. Therefore, the importance of Netumo to a company using Shopify is unlimited. 

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