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WordPress is one of the leading website creation platforms and a content management system. It takes care of the frontend (User Interface) and the backend (Security, data storage, etc) of the site. To create a website using WordPress, one must link his/her site with a MySQL database to store all the data concerning the website such as the list of users, transactions, etc. Regarding the user interface of the website, WordPress offers various themes which are templates containing different user interface designs. Anyone can choose any of these themes and customize them to their liking. Various companies opt to choose WordPress for its ease to use without having to edit the website manually using HTML. 

Why monitor WordPress?

For all WordPress websites, there can still be issues that could negatively impact the website. Such issues could be that the MySQL database fails, SSL Certificates can still expire and above all, the website can still experience downtime. Website downtime for a company can spell bankruptcy if it is not tackled in time. In our previous blog post, there is clear evidence of how serious website downtime affects big companies like Amazon. 

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Page Load in Websites

It is also vital that the site does not take a long time to load from one webpage to another or otherwise this might put off clients whilst browsing through the company’s website. In a survey done by Forrester Consulting, it was discovered that 40% of customers tend not to wait more than three seconds for a page to load. If 3 seconds pass and the page does not load, customers become impatient, frustrated and close the website. Therefore, it would be useful to have analytics in possession of the company involving the page load times of your website so that if they exceed the 3-second mark, the IT admin would know about the issue and attempt to fix it immediately. Excessive page load times could negatively affect the bounce rate of your website. Bounce rate is the percentage number of visitors who leave the website immediately after visiting it. A high bounce rate could then result in less SEO value for your website, losing more clients in the process. 

Who can monitor WordPress?

Netumo is the answer to all website issues. No stone is left unturned and if an issue is caught, the IT Admin of the company would be notified instantly to avoid as much downtime as possible. Apart from constant checks for the uptime of the website, Netumo can also track SSL Certificates and will notify the company when they are about to expire. Reports generated by Netumo can also give the company important data regarding the website such as page load times, uptime of the website, and information about status codes.


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To sum up

It is of paramount importance that WordPress sites are monitored for issues that could arise and affect the website such as SSL Certificates expiring, MySQL database issues, downtime, etc. By using Netumo, a company could monitor such issues at a reasonable and affordable price. Furthermore, page loading time is monitored by generating reports on the monitor. Given this information, companies can focus on how to improve their website. As a result, the company does not lose clients and gains SEO value. A website of good quality is the backbone of any successful company.

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