Organization Teams

Netumo was born over 5 years ago as a simple yet smart way of monitoring domains and websites. Since then this project grew to a fully blown service monitoring thousands of domains, sites and hosts.

Back then our team was small, and we opted for simple features, with the idea of small users and teams in mind like us. Since then our user base has gown and we have also acquired more complex organizations who have different requirements yet still love the idea of simple website monitoring.

One of the biggest challenges we faced with larger organizations is that for them one user is not enough. Larger organizations have different teams with numerous people and sharing of the credentials is surely not an option. Hence we have invested in supporting these organizations by launching what we call teams (multi-user) support.

The benefits include:

  • Different logins per account
  • Different team sizes based on each plan
  • Different Roles

This new functionality in Netumo gives us the ability to serve better larger organizations that handle larger teams and also have more site under management which need monitoring. Each Netumo plan has been specially designed to come with a different size of team capacity depending on the size of the organization.

So give us a try and sign up for a free Netumo account today.

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